South Florida Federal Madness Introduction

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So, I have been retired from employment with the Federal Government after 28 years of service (not including military time) since October of 2018. Before my retirement I witnessed firsthand a plethora of atrocities against employees at the hands of less than honorable management staff in the South Florida area. Mainly during my employment with the Social Security Administration, hearing office in Miami, Florida from September of 2010 to my retirement last October.
Since my retirement I have been mulling over these incidents repeatedly in my head. Sort of like someone with PTSD will relive moment of trauma. I started and stopped and started again to write down my experiences in effort to purge myself of them. This time, unemployed, recently diagnosed with breast cancer and feeling as though I have nothing more to lose; here we are today.
I can honestly say the years I lived in South Florida were the worst I have experienced living anywhere. Not just because of the high cost of living and the overt racism and class-ism, but because the working conditions at the Miami hearing office were the worst out of the other five hearing offices around the Country I worked, that I had ever seen. What those employees, including myself endured daily, at the hands of onsite frequently hostile management and, with the approval of the regional office management was nothing short of deplorable. And now, I am going to tell my story. Uncut….
I’m not going to change any names. I won’t list last names to protect privacy but, these are MY experiences. And I have a right to speak on them. To tell my story. Which unfortunately mimics the stories of others who are still employed by that Agency and can not speak for fear of reprisal. Reprisal that runs rampant at the least offence.
If my introduction seems harsh and over dramatic, I ask for no forgiveness. These are REAL experiences. Documented experiences. And, none the less truthful experiences. I lived through these experiences with all their dramatic and traumatizing affects. Facing cancer and cancer treatment, I have to purge. As a private citizen, I can and I will.

On to day one….


3 Working Days Left

My goodness. I’m so close….But, my South Florida PTSD has kicked and i’m nauseated. When I lived in South Florida, everything that could go wrong did. Mostly stemming from my job. So, i’m just trying to stay low key and deal with the anxiety until 3pm Friday afternoon. Retirement will be grand!

I honestly can’t wait to put down my 10 years of experience in South Florida on the blog. There truly need to be some changes made. I hope the right person wins the Governor’s race because the anxiety level so high there. It’s a tense situation. It’s beautiful there but most families struggle to make ends meet. And the racism….SMH

Well, my lunch break is over. Let me get back to work before I get a screenshot of something i’m not doing…I think I can take time tonight to blog about South Florida’s housing crisis.

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