Music in Me

I love music.  No. Really! I LOVE MUSIC. Anytype of music (lol). Well, except heavy metal. Well, maybe not ALL heavy metal. I guess the point is…Well, I guess you’ve figured it out. I love music.

Music seems to encompass me, engulf me, fill me up then jet out of the top of my head. Spraying all around me in a beautiful rainbow of colored crystals, that shatter as they hit the ground in magnificent, melodic sync, encompassing me, engulfing me, filling me up all over again.

I love music so much I branded and operate my own internet streaming radio station. I’m not bragging because it truly is a labor of love. It started as a Friday night get together for me and some of my facebook friends on Blog Talk Radio. I would upload some of my collection of classic soul music and play the songs on air while we all gathered in the chatroom and revealed in sharing memories the songs evoked.


Those were good times. Easy times. Until I found out you couldn’t play copyrighted music using that website. And, I was at risk of being sued or heavily fined. So, I found another site. Then the licensing for internet streaming radio took effect and I had to find yet a licensed server to broadcast on. The list of speed  bumps grew as my listening audience increased and the weekly format became a 24 hour a day internet streaming radio station. With less and less revealing in our special group going on and more individual listening sporadically became the norm.

My enjoyment of this special time with my friends turned into my estudious search for quality equipment, daily and weekly programing, searching for and finding talk show hosts, musical genre specific dj’s, mobile apps, branded website, making sure the broadcast clarity was perfect and adeptly licensed with the ever changing rules and all the real headaches of actually running a business in the red. Playtime was over. I wasn’t having much fun anymore. Running the station was work, and that was after I had worked a 9 to 5.  And, all my music loving friends began to give way to an international listening audience who didn’t care to interact with each other. They just wanted to hear good music.

But, I love music. So, I am the owner of an internet streaming radio station. I even started my own weekly talk show. “Let’s Talk Music with The1Essence”.  Where I would interview artist who had an new CD to promote or just wanted some “extra” exposure.  Now, THAT was amazing. I have interviewed STARS! People I would have never thought  of having a simple conversation with. My most exciting being R&B artist Glenn Jones!

I had a serious crush on him growing up! while everyone was still crushing on Michael Jackson I was listening to “grown folks” music. Glen Jones was IT for me!  I may not have known what the song meant as a teenager but as I played the cassette tape over and over again, I knew I was ready for someone  to “Show Me” what they had to do! Wheeew! I still get chills in unmentionable places when I hear that song. My co-host RM Green and I barely made it through that interview….

The most memorable one was the Performer Exquisite, Melba Moore. She was so elegant and graceful and wise. I learned a lot about the hard work those we admired so much in the music industry endure. It ain’t always pretty but it’s worth it!

But soon, even interviewing my most beloved Artists became a chore. I moved to South Florida and my entire world changed. Working my 9 to 5 was rough! And rough is definitely an understatement. So I stopped doing the weekly show. My bills didn’t pay themselves and I was still footing the bill for the station in it’s entirety so, work came first. The station went on but the show stopped. I am looking forward to hosting shows again after my retirement though.

I wish it was more of a cozy friendly environment again. I wish all those music loving FaceBook friends could get together again and chat it up over days gone by, giving new life to music seemingly tossed aside. Still the station plays on. The international audience is still growing. People are still listening. And, I still love music.

It evokes the most precious of  memories, motivates me, soothes me, swallows me whole.

It seems to encompass me, engulf me, fill me up then jet out of the top of my head. Spraying all around me in a beautiful rainbow of colored crystals, that shatter as they hit the ground in magnificent, melodic sync, encompassing me, engulfing me, filling me up all over again.

So, now I don’t just listen to it and play it on the station,  I occasionally write about it……Just don’t ask me to sing ((smile)).




The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Today I am 5 working days from retirement. Some say I am crazy for leaving my job at such an early age. Others say I that I have been through so much adversity in life that I deserve early retirement. I see it as one more journey in the ultimate lesson of life; learning how to LIVE.

Living is relative for each individual. I understand that. I hope as you join me on my journey you’ll keep that in mind as you read. None of us are exactly alike or handle individual situations quite the same. We must find our own way eventually without guidance.

So, beginning today, I will share with you my extraordinary ordinary transitions, thoughts, emotions and activities. For it is the ordinary woman who accomplishes the most extraordinary things simply because everyone assumes they are nothing but ordinary, boring experiences.

Thank you in advance for joining me!



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton